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Turf Laying for Billingshurst Property Owners


Hills Quality Turf offer free advice on how to get the most out of your Billingshurst garden’s turf, grass and top soil. As leading soil and turf suppliers, we go the extra mile to make sure your garden grows healthily and steadily throughout the year. By reading the information on this page, you should get a much better idea on when to lay turf for your outdoor space.


When should I put down my new turf at my Billingshurst home?


You can lay turf any time of year, but spring and summer are always the preferred seasons. Unlike other plants which hibernate throughout the winter months, grass keeps on going. And, because the lawns at your Billingshurst property keep going, you can nearly always lay turf too! The only time laying turf might be difficult would be on frosty or snowy ground, but our soil and turf suppliers can advise you based on daily weather and ground conditions.


What type of soil is best to lay turf on?


As soil and turf suppliers, we are able to provide high quality top soil if you feel the current soil on your grounds isn’t the best. If you want to flatten an area, remember not to mix top soil and sub soil. To get the best possible results, flatten the surface of your Billingshurst garden before redistributing the sub soil and then add our top soil over the whole area.


What’s the best way to encourage root development through the seasons?


Moisture is essential and the correct amount of water will encourage root development to help bind the turf. Spring is a great time of year to lay turf and during some seasons, there’s often enough rainfall to save you from watering. If not, just make sure that the whole of the outdoor space at your home or business in Billingshurst is kept moist with evening watering.


What about Summer and Autumn?


When ground is dry and turf looks like it might be wilting or losing that lush green shade, you need to get out your hose or sprinklers. Lawn, turf and soil care is mainly about common sense, and the most important thing is that you keep an eye on your turf while it is bedding in. If worried that a lawn isn’t taking, customers in Billingshurst can give our turf suppliers a call and receive the best free advice over the telephone.


Order your top soil and turf from us today. We transform gardens in Billingshurst as trusted soil and turf suppliers. Call us now on 01293 862223.

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