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The Advantages of using Loam Topsoil on Gardens in Crawley



As established suppliers of turf and top soil to property owners in the Crawley area, we pride ourselves on being able to help all of our customers achieve healthy and long-lasting gardens. We have a full range of lawn turf and soil supplies available which can be delivered directly to any property in the Crawley, Surrey or West Sussex.


We will help you pick the right soil supplies when you’re about to prepare a planting bed or lay turf. Loam topsoil is a mixture of organic materials finely balanced with clay, silt and sand. It has a higher nutrient value over other top soil and is perfect for general gardening, landscaping and agricultural projects throughout Crawley.


Loam topsoil has good water retention because the pore spaces between particles keep water moving during and after rainfall. Loam topsoil holds moisture and nutrients far better than sandy soil because it has a larger particle content. Excellent soil drainage means that there’s a consistent supply of water throughout a garden that enables plants to grow rather than suffocate or wilt. Our top soil is highly porous. Around 50% of loam topsoil’s pore space is filled with water.


Loam is one of our more popular soil supplies and can be easily cultivated by our Crawley clients. When preparing plant beds, heavier soils are best avoided because they don’t retain the right mix to withstand all types of planting growth. Furthermore, loam doesn’t need to have additional organic materials added to the soil.


It is a fine, well-rounded material that works perfectly for all types of use. We cannot recommend our loam topsoil enough to the keen Crawley gardener or landscaper.


Top soil is a very popular seller with our customers and alongside our rye turf, it is ordered for delivery every day. So whether you are laying turf or planting shrubs and flowers, we recommend that you use our top quality soil supplies because consistency is far higher than most other alternatives on the market.


All topsoil supplies and turf are competitively priced. If you wish, you can come to our centre in Charlwood and walk away with high grade loam topsoil for garden or commercial use today. Alternatively, we can deliver top soil and turf to your Crawley address for free.


For more info on turf, top soil and compost deliveries in the Crawley area, contact us today on (01293) 862223.

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