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Turf and Top Soil Q&A for Dorking Customers


Hills Quality Turf cover Dorking and the surrounding Surrey area as soil and turf suppliers. We know that some home and business owners have more pressing concerns than to find out the full ins-and-outs of soil and turf care, so we’ve provided answers to the most frequent questions we encounter on this page. We hope they prove to be of use to you.


Do you keep turf in stock?


All turf supplied by Hills Quality Turf is cut to order, ensuring it arrives to your door as fresh as possible. We have a range of turf to suit all gardens and grounds in Dorking and the surrounding areas. Call us now to see how turf suppliers like us can benefit you and your premises, and to discover how we get our turf to you in the best possible condition.


Is your turf suitable for heavy duty use at our workplace?


We can supply a hardwearing grade of turf which requires minimal maintenance and produces strong blades which can withstand high volumes of foot traffic. Our turf and soil is always of a high quality, but will wear or reduce faster if it is subjected to heavy use. We advise Dorking customers on how to preserve turf through basic upkeep and maintenance.


How often should I feed a new lawn?


You should feed the lawn at your Dorking property every 4 to 6 weeks throughout the growing season. By using the correct sub soil, top soil and fertiliser, your turf should get off to the best possible start. As reputable soil and turf suppliers, we recommend regular watering at night to keep the ground moist and to encourage root development.


Do I need to use top soil beneath my turf?


Top soil, as a rule, should only be used if your existing soil is of poor quality or if you need to make up the ground level. We have a full selection of graded top soil available for customers in Dorking and the surrounding areas, and our company can make soil and turf deliveries direct to your door on a date and at a time convenient to your project.


Should I use a roller on a soft lawn?


No. A roller will usually cause more harm to the turf than good. If a lawn is still soft, give the surface more time to settle. Turf, sub soil and top soil will most likely still be binding so keep adding plenty of water, cut the grass a couple of times and, in around 2/3 weeks, the lawn at your Dorking home or business should be more stable and firm.


As turf suppliers, do you have a minimum order for delivery?


Call us today and let us know exactly what you need. Whether you need us for woodchip, compost, mulch, bark, lawn, soil, loam or top soil, we deliver direct to any location in or around Dorking. Our soil and turf suppliers can also deliver further afield if needed.


Do you supply other products not mentioned?


Yes. Check the Products page of our website for a full list of everything we can provide as your preferred soil and turf suppliers. We have a product range to suit gardens and grounds in all parts of Dorking, and we can usually arrange deliveries of turf, top soil and our full product range in any quantity you require as long as it is cost-effective for us to do so.


If you have a question that’s not listed here, call 01293 862223. We cover Dorking and the surrounding areas with high-grade top soil, turf and landscaping products.

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