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Do and Don’t List for Lawn Turf in Horsham


At Hills Quality Turf, we have served many homeowners in Horsham with lawn turf and top soil. We pride ourselves on helping customers achieve stunning lawns that become a true centrepiece for any garden. Over the years, our experienced team have helped many customers through the pitfalls of laying turf in their Horsham properties.


Here are some of the things that we recommend (and some of the things we suggest you avoid) when laying lawn turf:


  • Only order products from a trusted turf supplier in Horsham
  • Prepare soil by removing all pieces of debris. Level the area with a rake
  • Don’t wait too long to lay lawn turf. Try and get it down within a day of delivery
  • Regularly water new lawn turf to stop grass being put under duress
  • Don’t walk on new turf until it has taken root in the loam topsoil
  • Homeowners in Horsham can trim turf slightly if the weather is mild
  • Keep the motor blades high when trimming fresh lawn turf
  • Don’t cut grass too short. This affects the absorbency of the grass moisture
  • Fertilise the lawn to keep it healthy. Water straight afterwards
  • Try to stop pets from digging or urinating on the lawn
  • Don’t water at night as this could cause mould and fungi to grow


Once the initial bedding period is over, you can start to use the lawn as you wish. We are your reputable turf supplier for the Horsham area and we offer further advice at any point should you be struggling to keep a lawn in pristine condition.


If you would like to order turf, loam topsoil, compost or any other materials for work in your Horsham garden, please contact us today. We offer very competitive prices on turf and top soil. Reductions are made for bulk purchases and we can deliver directly to your door.


All deliveries of lawn turf and top soil are made free of charge.


Call us now on (01293) 862223 to order top soil, premium quality turf and compost from a trusted turf supplier covering the entire Horsham area.

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