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Hills Quality Turf of Charlwood have operated as lawn turf and topsoil suppliers for over 70 years, covering all surrounding parts of Surrey and West Sussex including Horsham and Crawley. In that time, we have built up a loyal returning client base in the domestic and commercial sectors.


The fact we’ve stayed ahead of the competition for over 7 decades comes down to the high quality of the turf and soil that we sell. Here. We look at our product range in detail so that clients in the South East can always make the most appropriate choice.


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Drought turf
Rye Turf
Loam soil
General purpose soil

Hills Quality Drought Turf


This type of lawn turf is ideal for both the commercial and domestic markets. Whether it’s a Horsham back garden or community lawns and parks in Crawley, our drought turf is able to withstand dry conditions and frequent hosepipe bans.

Hills Quality Rye Turf


Rye lawn turf is our best seller and is suitable for use on all gardens, verges, parks and social areas.

Hills Planting Loam Soil


This high quality blended loam topsoil works well in all aspects of landscaping from borders and raised beds to local allotments in the Horsham and Crawley areas. Flowers, fruit, vegetables, trees and shrubs all benefit from our top-graded loam soil.

Hills General Purpose Soil GP10


This product is used extensively by our landscaping, building and turfing clients whenever a high quality application is essential. This general purpose sandy loam is titled ‘GP10’. As a topsoil, it is ideal for seeding, turfing, levelling lawns and general landscaping.

Ericaceous soil
Soil conditioner
Ornamental Bark
Mushroom Compost

Ericaceous Soil


Ericaceous soil is ideal for acid-loving plants such as Azaleas, Rhododendrons and Holly. This specialist blended soil is 100% natural, improves soil structure and aids water retention. As with all our premium grade soil and lawn turf, this product has been tested to ensure it meets British Standards.

Soil Conditioner


Our organic soil conditioner is an environmentally friendly, naturally organic and highly fertile material. This product is great for bringing poor, undernourished soils back to life. It helps break up heavy and wet clay soil and can be used in mulching beds and borders. This conditioner is very popular with our Horsham and Crawley customers.

Ornamental Bark


This bark provides a sparkling finish to all finished landscaping projects whilst producing an effective natural weed suppressant.

Mushroom Compost


This unique soil conditioner originates from local mushroom farms in the Crawley and Horsham areas. The compost is produced with a mixture of straw and peat. Horse and chicken manure is added. This product works well in flower beds, for tree and shrub planting, mulching and for breaking up heavy soils.

Woodchip Mulch

Woodchip Mulch


Woodchips are an economical way to dress beds and borders while stopping weeds from growing. It looks great on natural pathways and aids water retention in the ground.

All of the products listed can be delivered for free to your home or business in Horsham, Crawley and the surrounding local area within 48 hours.

To find out more about our services in Horsham, Crawley and the South East, give us a call on (01293) 862223.

Our team is on hand to provide advice on all of soil and turf.

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