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High-Grade Top Soil for your Redhill Garden or Allotment


It’s not an everyday occurrence, admittedly, but have you ever stopped to think about the importance of good quality top soil for your Redhill garden or allotment? As leading turf suppliers for Redhill and the surrounding areas, soil and turf are the mainstays of our business, and we provide high-grade top soil for all domestic and commercial customers.


Top soil is the top layer of soil in which all plants grow. It usually covers a layer of sub soil, which sits above the hard ground or rock underneath. Top soil and sub soil is nearly always indistinguishable due to the thinness of the ground, but top soil is important for gardens in Redhill because it contains the nutrients that plants and turf need to survive and thrive.


What Defines High-Grade Top Soil?


Top soil is best defined by the size of the particles. Soil with very small particles which bind together when you roll a ball around your hand is actually clay. This will feel sticky, has high water retention and gets muddy in the winter. Larger particles are called sand. As property owners in Redhill might expect, sandy soil drains quickly and will need much more water during the summer if it sits beneath newly-laid turf.


Soil that contains a mixture of sand and clay is called loam, which is an ideal top soil all in-the-know gardeners in Redhill and Surrey prefer. Our turf suppliers provide best-grade loam and top soil to give your outdoor space a fantastic growing base for turf and plants. The soil comes in several different grades and qualities to suit every type of application.


As dedicated turf suppliers, we also have different blends of turf which will suit any garden and allotment in Redhill. We develop, nurture and harvest turf ourselves and, along with sub soil and top soil, we believe it to be the best to be found throughout Surrey. Customers in the Redhill area can have turf and top soil delivered direct to their door.


Call today on 01293 862223 to find out how our top soil and turf can benefit your Redhill property. Our prices are competitive and we aim to beat any rival quote.

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